RegTech, Governance and the Future of Forests

7th October 2022, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET

October 7th, 2022
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET

Add to Calendar 10/07/2022 2:00 PM 10/07/2022 05:00 PM Europe/Paris RegTech, Governance and the Future of Forests Imagine never having to feel guilty about where the timber of your new table comes from. Not needing to worry about the origin of the returns of your investments. Imagine rewarding trees for the services they provide and universally accepting the autonomy of forests. What if we could be directly supporting communities who are protecting forests with the click of a button? Location of the event

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Shaping the forests
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RegTech, Governance and the Future of Forests

Imagine never having to feel guilty about where the timber of your new table comes from. Not needing to worry about the origin of the returns of your investments. Imagine rewarding trees for the services they provide and universally accepting the autonomy of forests. What if we could be directly supporting communities who are protecting forests with the click of a button?

In this event, we will explore different ways in which blockchain technology could support reliable and effective sustainable forest management. We will explore how blockchain could support regulation and certification of forest products and take a deep dive into current enabling and constraining factors of forest governance.

We will listen and contribute to possible future scenarios for managing forests and hear from real applications implemented in different regions of the world. Speakers are invited to discuss current gaps and needs to bring effective application of blockchain for forests further.

The event will be virtual with a live session at the FAO office in Rome combined with sessions in an online venue (Vfairs). You are cordially invited to meet with speakers, network, watch a movie, download materials, listen to presentations, and participate in discussions. Participants vary from tech start up entrepreneurs, people living in or around forests, private sector actors, IT-specialists, policy makers, forestry professionals, and academia.

This day is meant for people from across the sector to unite and exchange and possibly get out of it with a new network or project in the pipeline.

Welcome digital forest enthusiast!
Sign up for this packed online afternoon about:

  • the most applied blockchain application for forests: timber tracing. We’ll hear from people who have experienced the design of such solutions to the implementation below the canopy.
  • the future of forests; will we continue to manage forests, or will they become enabled to manage themselves?
  • the support of the most important ambassadors of the world’s forests: local communities. How could technologies (and blockchain in particular) help them safeguard our natural resources?

This event is a one-time event organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Wageningen UR (The Netherlands) to discuss the latest developments on blockchain for sustainable forest management. It is a free event where you can expect insightful discussions and presentations, inspiring and hands-on examples, and interesting speakers and attendees to chat and network with.

Auditorium Program

The main sessions will be taking place in the Auditorium, talking about different functions of blockchain for forests management, as governance mechanism, finance mechanism, examples of protocols and a future perspective of autonomous forest.

Exhibition Space

The exhibition space gives organisations opportunity to disseminate materials. Attendees can collect materials like posters, documents, photos to their personal bag which then can be mailed to their personal email. Five booths will have material about the following topics:

  1. Financing forests
  2. RegTech (Timbertracing)
  3. Enabling Forest Communities
  4. Interesting Tech and Research
  5. Sustainable Forest Management

Program and Speakers


October 7, 2022 14:00

Start of Event - Introduction and Welcome

Kickoff by Bram de Vos, Managing Director, Environmental Sciences Group, Wageningen University and Research

 Introduction to the event and blockchain by Jaclyn Bolt,  Business Innovator Earth Informatics, Wageningen Environmental Research.  

Jaclyn Bolt
Wageningen Environmental Research

Bram de Vos
Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

October 7, 2022 14:15

1. RegTech (tracing timber)

 Blockchain as RegTech for forests

In the realm of RegTech, blockchain technology is considered a technology that could help track and verify data. Tracking and tracing through a value chain is not new, eco-labels and fair trade certificates exist. We will invite speakers from timber research, applications and indusrty to discuss the chances and difficulties of this new frontier. What is missing for BC and RegTech to be successfully applied to the timber industry, how does the future look like and what is needed to make a difference? 

Erik van Ingen - Facilitator

Puvan Selvanathan

David Coleman

Magnus Deinzer
Stora Enso

Andreas Rudenå
Paramountric AB

October 7, 2022 15:00

2. Governance and the Future of Forests

Blockchain is a governance mechanism, and it could help shape the future of forests by making them completely autonomous. Innovative as it sounds, this development is already moving forward. Together with specialists in the field we take a bold leap into the future and explore what it could mean.

During this session we would like you to interact and mingle. Find your way to the chatroom you can see in the lobby. Feel free to choose any chatroom that interests you. You can even create your own chatroom if you have an interesting topic you'd like to chat about. 



Jaclyn Bolt - Facilitator
Wageningen Environmental Reseach

Jennifer Gabrys
Cambridge University

October 7, 2022 16:00

3. The Role of communities

Local and native communities have long been identified as key players when it comes to the sustainable management of forests. They live in and around important forest ecosystems and have deep knowledge of the biodiversity, ecosystem processes, as well as the threats to their forest area. Blockchain can provide a decentralized way of managing data, payments, ownership and information flow, contributing to the democratization and autonomisation of communities. 

We will talk about how BC and machine learning can help to catapult communities to the frontline of forest conservation. 

Timothy Boekhout van Solinge
Forest Forces Foundation

Chief Dadá Borari
Forest Forces Foundation

Luiz Cruz Villares
Foundation for the Amazon Sustainability

Michael Fabing
novusteck, Wood Tracking Protocol


Luiz Cruz Villares

Expert in socio-environmental projects

Michael Fabing

Technical lead / CTO

Chief Dadá Borari

Partners in crime prevention

Dr.Tim Boekhout van Solinge

Partners in crime prevention.

Bram de Vos

Managing Director, Environmental Sciences Group

David Coleman

Chief Product Officer

Magnus Deinzer

Senior Manager Sustainable Raw Materials and Management Systems

Erik VanIngen

Digital Agriculture and Innovation Specialist (Frontier technologies)

Puvan J Selvanathan

Founder & CEO of Bluenumber



Jennifer Gabrys

Professor at University of Cambridge

Frequently Asked Questions

RegTech (Regulatory Technology) is the application of emerging technology to improve the way businesses manage regulatory compliance. Though relatively young, RegTech is maturing rapidly. RegTech companies are now engaging machine learning, natural language processing, blockchain, AI, and other technologies to bring the power of digital transformation to the world of regulatory compliance.
Anyone who is interested, works with, or will make use of RegTech, Blockchain or the protection of forests with its resources is welcome to attend.
Yes, you will need to register to fully enjoy all event features. Download resources from booths to your virtual briefcase to access later
No, you don’t have to install anything. You can easily attend the event via your internet browser.
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Absolutely! We would love for you to spread the word and help to create a big network that will result in a great and fruitful event.
This event is taking place online. You can participate from anywhere you have internet connection from.
There is a lot to do at our event. You can:
  • Visit the live sessions on RegTech and Forest Protection
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Don’t worry, the event environment will be accessible for 30 days. You can listen and watch all content on-demand.
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